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Kiranpal Singh


Kiranpal Singh is one of a select few senior and leading disciples of Shri Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.

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Events Dairy
Live performance at The Nehru Centre, London:
Hindustani Classical Music – Santoor
Kiranpal Singh will be accompanied by Charanjeev Singh Chana on Tabla and Davinder Kaur Deoora on Tanpura.

Date and time:
Wednesday, 29 May 2024,  · 6:30 – 8:30pm
The Nehru Centre
8 South Audley Street Mayfair W1K1HF

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Latest Album:
New recordings released in April 2024: Santoor Nirvana – Abbey Road Session

Kiranpal Singh Santoor / Dheeraj Sahai Mishra Tabla
Recorded and Mixed by Natalia Milanesi and Arthur Navarro at Abbey Road Institute, London. Mastered by Arthur Navarro at Atlantis Studio, Vitória, Brasil
Artistic Directors Frances Shepard and Anjan Saha -PRSSV London UK.
Executive Production and Management Renato Roversi Suriya Recordings London UK

Label Suriya Recordings
Release Date 11/04/2024

Track Listing:
Des Alaap / Des Gat in Rupak / Des in Drut in Ektal / Khamaj in Dadra Taal / Bhairavi (Keharwa Taal)

Available from:
Amazon Music
Apple Music

So honoured to have played for UK-India Week 2023 for our Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at No 10 Downing Street London. My cousin Sukhdeep Singh Dhanjal accompanied on Tabla with my Santoor 100 stringed instrument of Kashmir.

New Release March 2023 – DWARKA

Recorded in January 2022 at the Angel Studios / Abbey Road Institute in London/UK by sound engineer Eduardo Vargas and assisted by Konstantinos Korkodeilos and Remi Perrier-Taylor.
Mixed by Eduardo Vargas at Blackwall Studio in London/UK.
Mastered by Arthur Navarro at Atlantis Music & Sound in Vitória/Brazil.

25 Sept 2021: New Recording launch:
Arthur Navarro · Kiranpal Singh · Dhiego Valadares ·
Atlantis Music & Sound Released on: 2021-09-25

The Good Disciples – The Mountain Path – (April 2019), with Fabrice De Graef (flute) and Shahbaz Hussain (tabla). This recording is made up of 13 tracks. Available as digital downloads at SURIYA World Music





100 Strings – Indian Ragas Full Circle Vol 1
Release Date: November 30, 2018

Track List
Afternoon Jalsa Part 1
Afternoon Jalsa Part 2
Afternoon Jalsa Part 3
Anticipation Part 1
Anticipation Part 2
Crossing Rhythms
Krishna’s Playful Mood

Available as digital downloads at SURIYA World Music

Ethereal resonating sounds, gossamer melodic lines and stunning tonal effects and when heard together with the rhythmic Tabla accompaniment by Dheeraj Sahai-­‐Mishra, the listener is transported at once into deep nature and a sense of being in one’s place in the cosmic tapestry.

100 Strings album is the result of a collaboration between two incredible Indian musicians and two contemporary audio engineers who are passionate about discovering new sounds. This cosmic experience originated the heavenly sound that now can be appreciated by the listeners of the 100 Strings, bringing you the best of Indian classical music, produced adapeng western recording/mixing techniques to the sublime music of the maestros Kiranpal and Dheeraj in order to create the most shamanic sound of both hemispheres and to spread peace and love in the form of music around the globe.

The album was entirely recorded and mixed at Abbey Road Institute by Arthur Navarro and Natalia Milanesi, both Abbey Road Institute alumini. This is the first full length Indian classical recording made at this historic site of Abbey Rd. Over 50 years since the Indian infused Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band album, Indian music returns to its second home.

Mobile: 07951 601236

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Kiranpal Singh Deoora is one of a select few performers of Indian Classical Music on the Santoor. Kiranpal Singh is UK’s leading Santoor Maestro, having learnt his music art in the traditional way in UK (tabla & vocal) and Bombay, India. (Santoor)

Kiranpal’s inspiration and first teachers were his parents. Whilst in school he learnt Tabla from Ripudhamman Singh Plaha of Punjab Gharana in a school of tabla playing for 7-8 years.

His Holiness Satguru Jagjit Singh Maharaj, the then spiritual Head of Namdhari Sikhs, heard Kiranpal’s Tabla solo performance in London,and with His Holiness ‘s divine blessings Kiranpal’s destiny was written to study Santoor with the pioneer of Indian Santoor-Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. He forsook his studies when given the opportunity and has not looked back since.

Born in Tanazania, Kiranpal now lives in London. He plays regular concerts all over the globe. He has played for HRH Prince Phillip at Buckingham Palace, as well as South Bank Halls numerous times. He has played at Spittalfields Festival and London Mela as well as other prestigious festivals. His mastery of the advanced techniques of the Santoor has allowed him to develop a wide repertoire which includes audiences, critics and many well known artists. He reveals great gifts of imagination in his performance by beautifully blending creative flair and spontaneous imagination.

Kiranpal is available for concerts formal as well as house, lecture demonstrations/workshops, weddings/cross-cultural projects and private tuition in his music room which he had specifically built. He also teaches many instruments and his theme is ‘learn Indian Classical Music on your instrument’. Kiranpal’s Santoor can be heard in his site.
Kiranpal is available to play soothing instrumental music for any occasion. He usually plays as part of his group accompanied with Tabla and Tanpura or other instruments/vocal/dance which can be catered for. Kiranpal plays music for world peace love and harmony. To listen to Kiranpal Singh playing the Santoor  is to be transported into a world of history, beauty, tradition and authenticity.

This, in turn, has led him to be sought after as a co-leader of ground-breaking developmental and cross-cultural projects, whilst continuing to advance the presentation of Indian Classical music to ever widening audience through his solo work.

My Recordings:

Blessed by the divine grace of Satguru Jagjit Ji Maharaj, a significant chapter of my musical journey unfolded in 1988. Under the guidance of Kuljit Bhamra from Keda Records at Red Fort Studios in Southall, London, I had the privilege to record my maiden audio cassette. 

During this auspicious venture, Ustad Sukhvinder Singh – Pinky lent his masterful Tabla accompaniment to my Santoor, adding depth and richness to the melodic tapestry. Additionally, my dear friend Yogesh Singh Sahota, a steadfast supporter in myriad ways, contributed to the recording by playing the Tanpura. Not only did he capture the essence of the project through his lens, using a Hasselblad camera for the cover photo, but he also generously gifted both the Santoor and the Tanpura – treasures that hold profound sentimental value.

Hiren Roy of Calcutta, a distinguished craftsman, created the Tanpura that accompanied my Santoor, further enhancing the resonance of the music. Yogesh Singh Sahota, a true connoisseur of the art, left an indelible mark on my musical journey, and his absence is deeply felt.

In a heartfelt tribute to the passage of time, this recording, after 35 years, is now accessible to my cherished fans on Spotify and iTunes. The timeless ragas featured in this musical collection include Asa, Shudh Sarang, and Abhogi – a soulful offering that transcends the years, resonating with love and reverence. 

This pivotal recording marked the beginning of my artistic exploration expressed in my recording which followed……

November 2018 – Forthcoming release of of my new recordings.

2023 – DWARKA

2019 – The Good Disciples

2018 – 100 Strings – Indian Ragas Full Circle Vol 1

1994 – STRINGS OF PARADISE – Raga Bageshwari and Bhairavi.

1994 – STRINGS OF ELEGANCE – Raga Chandrakauns and Sindhi Bhairavi (tabla Sukhvinder Singh). 

1995 – RAGA SHREE (tabla Shafaat Ahmed Khan).

1996 – MOMENTS IN TIME – Raga Kaunsi Kanhra and Bhairavi Dhun (tabla Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari).

2001 – MORNING MEDITATION – Raga Todi and Bhairavi Thumri (tabla Sukhdev Singh Namdhari, disciple of Pandit Kishan Maharaj).

Thumri Based on ‘Yaad piya ki aaye’
Kiranpal Singh & Hanif Khan (Raag Khamaj)
Santoor- Flute/Bansuri -Tabla (Pakhawaj) Trio, Raag Bageshri (Part One) 2017
Santoor- Flute/Bansuri -Tabla (Pakhawaj) Trio, Raag Bageshri (Part Two) 2017